iwannabeana: You're such an inspiration. I'm at you're starting weight and trying to get down to your weight now which means you are basicallly the success story that I want to be someday :))

Girl, All you need is motivation and dedication and you’ll get there!

Anonymous: I am 5'7, 15 years old, and i weigh 92lbs. I want to gain about 10 pounds. Any advice?

Yes, you need to increase your food intake. I don’t mean like junk food but up your protein so you’ll be able to gain weight through muscle and not fat. While you do that, make sure to strength train / weight lift!

comekissthesky: I love your blog, and i was wondering since im following a short time, how u achieved your goals? you are so pretty! :D and as i said ur blog is fantastic :)

RUN, RUN, RUN. I basically lost the majority of my weight through cardio, eating healthy was important too but I feel like consistent exercise helped me the most.
Thanks! I don’t like that picture of me anymore, gotta change it up!